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Skribbl.ioAuthor : Skribblio -  405,327 plays  Online Multiplayer

Draw objects and guess words to other players in, an online multiplayer game inspired by the famous Pictionary. Draw objects and have other players guess words in, an online multiplayer game inspired by the famous Pictionary. Show your drawing skills to make other players guess your words and when it's your turn to guess, be observant and insightful to find the word drawn before other players. With servers available in fifteen languages is ideal for learning words in a foreign language while having fun and challenging other players online!

How to play's simple, when you are the designer you have 80 seconds to choose a word from the three selected, memorize it and then try to make the other players guess it only by sketching with your mouse. When it is your turn to guess the words, you will have to try to be quick to be the first to find the right term and thus score as many points as possible. The player with the most points at the end of the game will be the winner.

How to create a custom game in the home screen click on "Create Private Room", you will then arrive in a menu which will allow you to customize your game by choosing the number of rounds, the language and the time allowed to draw. The "Custom word" tab will allow you to use the custom words you have chosen.

How to invite friends to play you are in a private game just copy the code located a little lower in the "Invite Your Friends!" tab and send it to the people you want to play with. When all your friends are connected, click on the button "Start game" to begin the game.

How many players can play in the same game?In it is possible to play up to 8 players at the same time in the same game. It could be online players from around the world or friends you have invited.

Does Skribblio work on mobile and tablet?Yes, you can play on all devices. On mobile and tablet, you can draw using the touch screen of your device and when you guess the words just use your virtual keyboard to write your suggestions.

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  • snoki


    Love the game,But one complaint.. People draw ****es.. Other then that.. It's a good game, I forgot when this came out on the website.. Like 2017-2018? I believe, anyways Bai :)

    2 weeks ago - Report

  • snoki


    who want to by my friend? (qui veux etre mon ami)

    2 months ago - Report

  • snoki


    no like game

    2 months ago - Report

  • snoki


    cool game cool cool

    3 months ago - Report

  • snoki


    bruh greedy

    4 months ago - Report

  • snoki


    i know

    5 months ago - Report

  • snoki


    best game ever cool cool cool

    5 months ago - Report

  • snoki


    how to hackthe draw AUTO DRAW

    5 months ago - Report

  • snoki


    This game is literally the best game in the universe! I totally recommended this game. It is really fun.😎😜👌

    6 months ago - Report

  • snoki


    bloody bloody bloody like this

    8 months ago - Report

  • snoki


    fav game totally recommend!

    9 months ago - Report

  • snoki


    hi people

    10 months ago - Report

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