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Like a King

Developer: LAK Games  -   6 600 plays

Like a King is a strategy game that mixes tower defense, territory conquest and epic battles. As the ruler of a huge kingdom you have the responsibility of leading your armies to defend your territories against the invader. Build mines to produce resources as well as different military buildings that will allow you to recruit troops. Tell your soldiers the path to take and the target to fight and try to destroy the enemy's main base before time runs out. You can build defense towers that will protect your base and each building will increase the field of vision and the size of your territory. Choose the right strategy to neutralize your opponent, attack their mines, their defense towers or their military buildings in order to quickly weaken and overwhelm them. Progression will be made through cards to collect which can be improved when you have a sufficient number. This will increase the power of your units and buildings. Like a King offers a very long campaign of 70 levels which will be an increasingly difficult challenge.


  • snoki


    il est tros bien

    3 days ago -

  • snoki


    this game is soo FIRE cool

    1 week ago -

  • snoki


    I'm only human after all i'm only human after all don't but the blame on mee he he heee

    3 weeks ago -

  • snoki


    I like swords and battle games.But this is actually a new game so hehe lets play!

    3 weeks ago -

  • snoki


    This game is fire Hehe hee ha

    3 weeks ago -

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