What are defense games?

In defense games you will have to protect your territory at all costs from enemy invasions. To do this you will often have to build armed towers or protective barricades, produce and send troops to the battlefield to fight valiantly or even use devastating spells to gain the advantage over your opponents. A defense game like Cursed Treasure 2 will offer a very long campaign in which you will have to prevent your magic crystals from being stolen by protecting them from the many enemy troops that will surge on your territory. Some defense games will require you to carefully build a base and constantly improve it to resist to the most terrifying enemies’ waves.

What is the origin of defense games?

The origin of defense games is not certain but we can note the advent of this genre on browsers thanks to a game that has become cult and which laid the foundations of the genre, namely Bloons TD, released in 2007. A little before on PC, Warcraft 3 and its Dota mode (Defense of the Ancients) popularized this new genre in which waves of minions swept over your camp defended by towers and the heroes you play. Nowadays League of Legends and Dota 2 are worthy heirs to the genre. Snokido offers many defense games including titles that have become cult and played by millions of players such as YORG.io 3 or the king of all Kingdom Rush Frontiers.