Noob Vs Pro: Stick War

Author : Stickman vs Monster School Team   -   23 785 plays

Noob Vs Pro: Stick War is a strategy game in which the two Stickman camps, blue and red, wage a ruthless war to defend their statue and conquer opposing territories. Start by recruiting miners to collect valuable resources and train warriors to defend your statue and attack the enemy base. You will have to find the balance between the production of miners and fighters in order to always keep an advantage over your opponent. Once your army is formed, send it to the front to destroy the enemy statue, you can support the assault using a powerful spell that will have a cooldown. In the camp many upgrades can be purchased for your miners, warriors and for your statue. Noob Vs Pro: Stick War offers a long campaign mode with increasing difficulty. Retention and Online mode will also be available later.


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