Bois d'Arc

Author : Firebeast   -   48 743 plays

A long, long time ago, the people in the Land of Sedonia lived at peace with a legendary tree called the Bois D'Arc. But evil forces also coveted this precious tree and wanted to steal its power. The king therefore decided to create a magical bow from the wood of the tree to protect the castle, and entrusted the weapon to their best warriors. Choose your hero to fight, Wilfred Hazardeus is a specialist in poison and multiple shots, Leonard Wildburn is a master of fire and explosions and Tobias Arclighting is a formidable archer who uses the element of lightning. Station yourself on the castle ramparts and take on the hordes of creatures swarming over the kingdom. The monsters will try to destroy your castle, repel them with your arrows and your special skills! You can improve your techniques as you complete missions to gain power.


  • Keeper Of The Grove 3
  • Castle keeper
  • Keeper Of The Grove 2
  • Castle Defender Saga
  • Summon The Hero
  • Narrow.one
  • Lordz.io
  • Lordz2.io
  • Clash of Skulls
  • Clicker Knights vs Dragons
  • Takeover
  • Raid Land
  • Gold Tower Defense
  • Raid Heroes: Sword and Magic
  • Shorties Kingdom 3
  • Might And Magic Armies
  • Treasure Arena
  • Raid Heroes : Total War
  • Cursed Treasure 2
  • Stickman Peacekeeper
  • Royal Heroes
  • Tower Crush
  • Bullet Heaven 3
  • Tap Knight
  • Cards Keeper
  • Royal Offense
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  • Vortex 9
  • Shell Shockers
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