Tower Crush

Author : GamePix  -   26 257 plays

Build and arm your tower to beat your opponents in Tower Crush, a defense / strategy game that will take you part into epic battles! Build up to six floors on your tower and equip each of them with more than 10 different types of weapons. Start with a wooden construction and improve your fortress until you transform it into a gold tower as resistant as it's shiny! Tower Crush offers a 280-level campaign in which you will have to face increasingly tough and formidably armed adversaries. But fear not, the many improvements for your tower and for your weapons will allow you to compete with the most dangerous enemies.

How to play Tower Crush?- When the battle have started select a floor of your tower then click on one of the floor of the opposing tower which you wish to attack.
- The first player who successfully completely destroys his opponent's tower wins the game.

What are the tips for Tower Crush?- The battles in Tower Crush combine defense and strategy, identify which are the most dangerous floors in your opponent's tower and focus your shots on them.
- Powers-up will appear during battles, use them wisely. They will allow you to heal, freeze your opponent, make temporarily invulnerable a floor ... There are 7 different.

Who is the developer of Tower Crush?Cleverson Schmidt is the developer, Web4Myself is the graphic designer.
The web version of the game was developed by GamePix


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