War Games

    War games allow you to take part in armed conflict by playing the role of a soldier on mission in the battlefield or playing as an elite commando troops to annihilate the enemies. The fights will be intense and operations will be perfectly planned to hope to win the victory by limiting the human and material losses in the field. Play war games lets off steam, to test virtually all sorts of weapons and guns, driving tanks or fly fighter jets or other combat helicopters.

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    What is a war game?

    The main theme of war games is clashes between several protagonists whose mission will be to conquer or dominate a territory. Whether realistic or about fictional battles, war games will often require you to deploy strategically an army on the battlefield or to play the role of seasoned soldiers in an attempt to achieve victory over your opponents. Simulated battles games will put you in the thick of the action, and with multiplayer war games you can compete against other players online.

    What is the origin of war games?

    Originally war games were strategic tools for simulating military operations and one of the first of these was an ancient Indian game called Chaturanga (the ancestor of chess games). Chaturanga is a military term for the traditional composition of the Indian army based on a quartet of elephants, horsemen, tanks and infantry. It was in the 18th century that war games became popular among military officers, they were used to familiarize themselves in a fun way with the vagaries of war. In the 1980s with the development of computer technologies a genre called "War Games" appeared and the studio Strategic Simulations published three major titles with Computer Ambush, Computer Conflict and Computer Air Combat. Subsequently, turn-based war games such as the Warlords series or real-time war games such as Age Of Empire or Starcraft were hugely popular with the general public. Other war games like Call Of Duty will allow you to play at the first-person into ruthless armed conflicts. War games are also very present on browsers and will allow you to discover the genre by playing for free and without downloading.

    What are the best free war games?

    1. Battle for the Galaxy
    2. Warzone Mercenaries
    3. War Brokers
    4. War of Soldiers
    5. GoodGame Empire