Heroes of Myths

Author : Ihor Kalinin  -   18 912 plays

The gods are fighting a ruthless battle against the evils forces that are invading the old world! In the game Heroes of Myths you will have to choose your hero (Hercules, Perseus or Achilles) to fight on the battlefield, recruit soldiers such as warriors, pikemen and archers but also use the powers of your Divinity to achieve destroy the base of your enemies. Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon each have unique powers. Your army will have to face off against all kinds of evil creatures, skeletons of all types and fierce minotaurs. To succeed in triumphing in each mission, it will be necessary to improve your troops, your heroes and the powers of your God thanks to the gold accumulated during the battles. The best defense is offense, make sure you always have troops on the battlefield if you don't want to get overwhelmed by the enemy. The path to final victory will not be easy and many of your soldiers will perish to liberate the Old World!


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