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Hexanaut.io is an online multiplayer conquest and survival game in which you control an avatar that drags a small snake tail that allows it to expand its territory. Adapt your strategy by taking other players into account, expand your territory little by little by securing each hexagon or take more risks and attempt large expeditions in order to suddenly enlarge the surface of your land. If you or another player crosses the trail you leave behind then you will lose all your territories and it will be the end of the game. In the same way you can eliminate players and recover their land. Some hexagons will contain totems with different powers, do not neglect them as they will give you advantages in the game. Hexanaut.io offers two game modes, solo and two players in team, as well as a league ranking system that you can climb according to your performance. You will also earn gold coins which will allow you to acquire many skins for your avatar


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