Crocword Crossword

Developer: Clever Apps Pte. Ltd.   -   44 111 plays

The Letter Teacher Croc needs you to help him solve crosswords and find missing words in colorful levels of the game Crocword Crossword. Build words from the letters available to you, click or drag the letters in the correct order to complete each board. The levels will contain several words composed of the same letters, you will have to find them all to advance to the next table. Call on your reflection and train yourself to succeed in all the challenges that will be offered to you, and there are many! Crocword Crossword offers 300 episodes of 15 levels each, for a total of 4,500 levels of increasing difficulty. The first tables will ask you to guess words of 3 to 5 letters, then 6 to 7 letters to finally end with words of more than 9 letters, enough to guess almost all the words in the dictionary!


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