Nick Block Party 3
Nick Block Party 3
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Nick Block Party 3

Developer: Nickelodeon   -   175 853 plays

Play with Spongebob, Kenzy, Babe, Lincoln and Kid Danger to take part in crazy challenges in Nick Block Party 3, a Nickelodeon board game. As in Mario Party the characters will move on a game board and will have to try to reach the finish line in first position. There are 4 different scenery, Goo Lagoon, Game Shakers, Loud House and Danger HQ. To advance on the board, it will be necessary to roll a dice but also participate in delightful mini-games. Finish ahead of your opponents to take the lead! But be careful, the boxes on the board can contain surprises, bonuses to advance faster or maluses that will penalize you in the game.


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