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MonopolyAuthor : PopCap  -  499,678 plays  

The most famous board game in the world is now playable in your browser ! With this online Monopoly version you can play against the computer for up to four simultaneously. How to play Monopoly? The rules are the same as for the board game: roll the dice and advance your pawn on the spaces. If you fall on a piece of land you can buy it, with the aim of obtaining all the land of the same color and to build houses and hotels. If an other player then falls on one of your lands, he will have to pay you a sum corresponding to the number of houses built there. To win a game of Monopoly you will have to bring your opponents to bankruptcy by taking all their money and avoiding being yourself ruined. You will have to find the right balance between investing your money in your land and keeping a reserve to pay other players, or even the famous release from prison!

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