What are card games?

Cards game were originally presented on paper sheets with a common side (the back of the card) and a particular side which identifies each card. These sets of cards that make up a game can be played according to specific rules that will define the course of a game. There are countless variations of card games, but the most popular among them are solitaire, Tarot, Blackjack or even Poker, they all bring together millions of players around the world for games with friends or even during international tournaments. On Snokido you can for example train your strategy and bluff skills against the computer with the game Governor of Poker 2 or even challenge online players to rummy with the game Phase 10 online.

What is the origin of card games?

The first known card game dates back to the time of the Tang Dynasty in China (618-907) and it is thanks to the technique of Xylography (process of multiple reproduction of an image on a support) that card games could be produced and distributed in large numbers. Much later in Europe, it seems that card games appeared in the 14th century (in Catalonia, Germany and Italy) and that they were the direct heirs of Egyptian or Mongol games brought by the silk routes. The famous Tarot game appeared in Italy in 1440, the rules are still the same today. Nowadays there are many card games and their rules are as varied as they are sometimes complex. Snokido offers many free card games that can be played directly on your browser, such as the Uno, the classic Klondike or the timeless solitaire games.

What are the different types of card games?

  • Solitaire games will be ideal for spending time thinking while having fun. With solitaire games you will have to stack cards by following certain specific rules to successfully complete the objectives of a game.
  • Poker games on Snokido are all free and playable without money. It will be a great way to learn the rules and mechanics of one of the most famous styles of card play in the world.

What are the best free card games?

  1. Uno 4 Colors
  2. Phase 10 Online
  3. Microsoft Solitaire Collection
  4. Governor of Poker 3
  5. King of Hearts