The goal in match 3 games is to combine and assemble bricks, balls or even candy by similar threesomes to clear them from the board and score points as well. This will be supplemented with different objectives and constraints in the levels such as limited time for example. You can play Match 3 games in often colorful and whimsical universe in the image of the famous Candy Crush Saga, Back To Candyland or Pepper Panic Saga.

What are match 3 games?

In match 3 games the objective will be to group tiles or other objects by three or more in order to make combinations and if possible, create chain reactions. Generally, specific objectives will be set for you and you will have to try to accomplish them with a limited number of actions. For example, the game Candy Riddles will offer you hundreds of levels in which you will have to be logical and inventive to find the right solutions. Match 3 games will be ideal for spending a few minutes of your free time trying to solve a level but will offer enough challenges for long game sessions of brainstorm!

What is the origin of match 3 games?

The first match 3 game is called Shariki, it was invented by Eugene Alemzhin a Russian developer who published the title on MS-DOS in 1994. It's the first game which asked you to combine balls by three or more, in vertical or horizontal line, to increase your score. Match 3 games became popular later on browser with the Bejeweled series published by PopCap Games and of which the first episode appeared in 2001. Later

What are the different types of match 3 games?

  • Bejeweled Games are the classic style of match 3 games. Titles like Back To Candyland 5 will take over the known mechanics of the genre by asking you to combine candies by three or more in order to make combinations. The title offers hundreds of levels in a colorful and sweet universe.
  • Bubble shooter games such as Bubble Monsters will ask you to direct a cannon which will project colored bubbles which must be aligned by at least three to make them disappear from the screen. The challenges will not fail as the difficulty of the levels will gradually increase.

What are the best free match 3 games?

  1. Back To Candyland 5
  2. 1001 Arabian Nights 4
  3. Through The Cave 2
  4. Bubble Town Quest
  5. Puppy Blast