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Smiling GlassAuthor : QkyGames  -  9,434 plays  

Smiling Glass is a puzzle game in which the objective will be to fill a glass to the brim with water to make it smile! Press to pour the water from the tank up high and use the physics of the different elements of each level to send the precious liquid to the glass without wasting too much. Many moving elements will divert the path of the water, so you will have to use them judiciously to fill your glass up to the limit required to validate the level. The tank contains a limited amount of water, if you pour too much beside to the glass then you will have to start over! Smiling Glass offers many challenges across 40 levels of increasing difficulty.

Logic Physics


smile wink happy waii rofl cool love evil greedy dribble baffle sad unhappy sure doubt mad razz bye evil bloody sick
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