Football Killer

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Play football in a special way and show no mercy to your opponents in the game Football Killer. Here the ball and your shots will be used to eliminate opposing players and referees who want to punish you. The game offers hundreds of levels that will mix shooting and puzzle. Try to eliminate all opponents in each level using as few ball as possible in order to get all the stars. It will sometimes be necessary to ricochet your football in order to reach your targets, activate mechanisms, destroy objects or use it to eliminate several enemies at the same time. Other game modes can be unlocked when you get enough stars. The Fire Footballs mode will offer you to launch flaming ballons to hit your targets. No powerful shots here, but lobbed shot that will explode after a while.

Football or Soccer ?
In the 19th century in Great Bretain, two aristocrats from two renowned schools (Eton College and Rugby School) try to define the rules of a new sport gaining in popularity. The first wanted that in this sport only the feet can be used to control the ball, prohibiting any contact with the hands. FootBall was born. The second aristocrat meanwhile allowed contact with the hands, rugby was born. Two terms to designate these two sports then appeared, Rugby Football (Rugger) and Association Football (Soccer).
But during this time in the United States, another sport resembling to rugby was practiced, with a leather ball that was the size of a foot (a unit of measurement corresponding to 1/3 of a Yard, or 30 cm). Football was also born!
Over time, Americans have kept the terms Football and Soccer while Europeans use the words Football and American Football.


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