Euro Penalty Cup 2021

Developer: Famobi   -   116 159 plays

What if the victory at Euro 2021 was decided on penalty shootouts? It's up to you to play and face the best European national football teams in the game Euro Penalty Cup 2021. There is no private sponsored Super League here, but a popular competition that only the best players and the best nations can win. Choose your team from among the 16 participants in the tournament and start with the group stage in which you will have to try to finish first after facing three other teams. If you manage to qualify, you will then have access to the final stages of the tournament and could try to become champion. When you are the shooter you will have to adjust the height and direction of your shot and then give power to your shot to try to deceive the opposing goalkeeper and score a goal. When you are the keeper watch carefully where your opponent is going to shoot and try to have the right timing for a parry. Will you be able to beat all the opposing teams to become the European soccer champion?


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