Ski Jump Challenge

Author : Simplicity Games   -   14 232 plays

With the game Ski Jump Challenge you can discover the thrill of ski jumping on gigantic springboards! Launch yourself by sliding down the ramp, take off with precise timing and stabilize your skier in the air to cover the longest distance possible. Also tap at the right time to make a perfect landing. The game offers many different maps with over 20 countries to visit during the championship. When you have a sufficient level you will be able to unlock other special competitions. “Rivalery” and “Teams” modes will allow you to play against your friends, either against each other or as a team. In your profile you will be able to improve skills to be more efficient when jumping, but also obtain new, more efficient equipment. There are also many skis, helmets and other outfits to unlock in order to give your skier a unique style!


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