Resort Empire

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Resort Empire
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Resort Empire  Author : Little Giant World  -   25 694 plays

Build your hotel and make your business profitable in the management/simulation game Resort Empire. All you have to begin with is an empty building to convert and you need to build hotel rooms and shops, and develop different services. Once the clients start arriving, then you can invest to provide more services, like a swimming pool, spa, golf course or restaurant. Don’t forget the general upkeep of the hotel, hiring staff, extending the building and decorating inside. Be sure to manage your business well to make a profit.

Simulation Management Trade Pixel art


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  • snoki


    This game s awesome!

    il y a 6 mois - Signal

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    its okay

    il y a 7 mois - Signal

  • snoki


    best game ever made

    il y a 8 mois - Signal

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