Level Devil
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Level Devil

Developer: Unept  -   42 971 plays

Level Devil is a platform game that will surprise you at every moment. Get ready for a hellish journey that will call on your improvisation skills and reaction ability. The levels will include many traps but which will never be stable, deadly obstacles will appear as you pass and will move unpredictably. You will have to remain calm in the face of the unfair side of certain passages and carry out the right actions in order to reach the exit door. Level Devil offers many levels with different themes, the gameplay is easy to learn but the possibilities will be endless thanks to the originality of the design and the variety of traps. You can try to complete all the challenges in single-player mode but also play with two people on the same device during specific challenges. New levels will be available in 2 player mode, race against your opponent and reach the exit door first to score a point. The player who scores 5 points wins the game.


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