Igni: Child of Fire
Igni: Child of Fire
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Igni: Child of Fire

Author : Valettus  -   12 792 plays

Rescue all of the fire spirits in Igni: Child of Fire, a platform / puzzle game featuring 20 levels with specific objectives to achieve. When you control Igni you set everything you touch on fire and you can create chain reactions by igniting the wood or by melting the ice. However be careful to avoid water, it will be fatal for Igni! In each level it will be necessary to rescue the spirits of fire but also to fulfill other objectives, Igni will have the ability to launch a fireball (but this will make it shrink for a moment) or to concentrate its energy to ignite and thus release a heat wave that can burn objects from a distance. For speed-run fans, the game records the time you take to complete each level, so you can improve your performance as you try.


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