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Parkour Block 3

Developer: Poly Games   -   28 349 plays

Take on increasingly difficult challenges in the platform game Parkour Block 3 and its 43 new levels. Cross with agility and precision the different blocks that form a path in the levels in order to reach the exit portal. Don't miss your jumps because under your feet there is deadly lava, falling into it will end your attempt and you will have to start again at the beginning of the level. The more you progress, the more difficult the courses will be, passing them all will be a real challenge that will undoubtedly require many attempts!


  • snoki


    i liek minecraft

    2 months ago -

  • snoki


    First So I Rate It A 11/10 YESSIR YIPEEE cool edit: im good pro god on obby roblox i meant minecraft EDIT 2: I RATE IT NOW - 11/10 THAT MEANS ITS 0 AND THEN I RATE IT A 1.0/10 JUST BECAUSE I CANNOT DEFEAT THE LVL 17 I UNFAVORITE IT I UNLIKED IT AND DISLIKED IT BRUH sad unhappy

    5 months ago -

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