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Loot Heroes 2

Author : A10   -   29 169 plays

The dungeon crawler Loot Heroes is back with a second episode, a huge dungeon to explore, more and more monsters to confront and terrifying boss you will kill to triumph. Your hero found himself in hell and the devil has a mission for him. Evil lords rebelled and you have to eliminate these traitors. 10 demon lords are hiding in the depths of a vast dungeon populated by hundreds of evil creatures. Choose your character from one of the 20 available, explore every corner of the 10 levels of the game in search of loot and powerful equipment and defeat the lords of hell to finish the game.


  • snoki


    The dungeon crawler Loot Heroes is back with a second episode all boss you will kill to triumph. Your

    1 week ago -

  • snoki


    a very good game

    4 months ago -

  • snoki


    love love love wow

    5 months ago -

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