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Stein World
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Stein World Online Multiplayer Author : PG5 Studio  -   13 512 plays

Explore a fantasy world, battle monsters, complete hundreds quests, and defeat dozens dungeons in the online multiplayer RPG Stein World. Your hero, in bad shape after a night a little too alcoholic, has lost some of his memory but also a precious object, his Stein (but what can it be?). Listen to what the villagers tell you, help them with certain tasks and gather some equipment to start your great adventure. Outside a world full of danger awaits you, bandits and monsters will be dangerous, fight them with strenght and bravery, gain experience and power and try one of the many profession of the game to make and sell equipment. Stein World and its gigantic universe offers you an epic adventure in which you can collaborate with other players online to defeat the most formidable opponents.

RPG MMO Pixel art Dungeon Fantasy


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    il y a 7 mois - Signal

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    good game friends dribble

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    yes yes omg fanilly i wich this i was dont find that then finlly have thanck you snokido!!!! love love love

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    llalalalalala very good nice

    il y a 1 an - Signal

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