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Play a Warrior, Demon Hunter, Magician or Archer and set out on a quest for adventure, rewards and glory in Shakes & Fidget, a satirical and fun fantasy RPG, many times rewarded! First you will have to go to the stable and rent a mount that will allow you to travel to the places of your adventures. At the tavern of the city there will always be an intriguing character who will suggest you going on an adventure, for a fee of course! Complete missions to gain experience and levels, collect equipment and get gold. In town the gunsmith and the apothecary can sell you equipment. PVP battles will be available at the Arena and when you reach level 25 it will be possible to build your own fortress!


  • snoki


    dark souls series was ez the problem was bull**** freide

    4 days ago -

  • snoki


    this game fun it reminds me of dork souls

    2 months ago -

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