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Ultra Pixel Survive 2

Developer: Gold Skull Studios   -   6 636 plays

Gather your group of adventurers and defend your village against monster invasions in Ultra Pixel Survive 2, the sequel to the famous survival RPG. During the day, you can explore the world around you in search of wood, stone, ore, and other precious resources that will allow you to craft many essential items for your survival. Build a forge, a campfire, a workbench, a water tank, a capacitor, and other elements that will be useful for processing raw materials and meeting your food and water needs. Also, craft sturdy defenses to repel the monster invasions that will sweep over your village once night falls. Three heroes will be available initially, but you can unlock dozens of others with different skills and a unique combat style. Assemble your team as you see fit based on your gameplay preferences with the goal of surviving as long as possible. You can also enhance your characters with the money earned during your adventures to make them more powerful.


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