Putrid Shot Ultra
Putrid Shot Ultra
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Putrid Shot Ultra

Developer: Abhi Sundu  -   12 088 plays

Putrid Shot Ultra is a chaotic and fast roguelite shoot-em-up in which you will have to eliminate your enemies with your magic pistol. Accumulate passives that will trigger spells when you fire with your pistol and use your unique active skill to do even more damage. Survive through the levels by combining different powers that will allow you to progress even further. Your hero will be able to jump, do double jumps but also rolls which will make him briefly invincible. Dive deeper and deeper into the crypt, annihilate your enemies with your spells and skills that you improve after each level and try to defeat the many bosses. If you die you start again at the beginning, it will take a lot of trys to learn all aspects of the game and master the many power combinations.

For more informations and to buy the full version of the game, go on Putrid Shot Ultra Steam page


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