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Zombocalypse is a Flash game emulated with Ruffle. This emulator is still under development and you might occasionally encounter some bugs in the game. Bugs should be fixed over time depending on the progress of the application development.
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Developer: Ironzilla | ArmorGames   -   46 862 plays

21st December 2012, a special forces helicopter crashed during a seemingly routine surveillance mission. But nothing in a good game is ever routine! You are the sole survivor of the crash and now have to take on hordes of invading zombies. A simple machete is all you have to survive. The more zombies you kill, the more experience you earn, thus upping your characters stats. Buy dozens of new weapons and upgrade them over the course of your journey. Let the carnage begin!


  • snoki


    got 310 smh

    4 months ago -

  • snoki


    the first time i played i got 470 kills then i died

    3 years ago -

  • snoki


    it is a fake dribble

    5 years ago -

  • snoki


    goob boy cool

    5 years ago -

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