Kumu's Adventure

Author : Camex Games  -   7 231 plays

Kumu's Adventure is a mix between rogue-like, turn-based strategy, and base construction game. In a distant future where magic and technology dominate the world, your team of adventurers have found themselves stuck in a camp that will have to be rebuilt and evolved before going on adventure. Collect resources and repair the various machines that will be useful for preparing your expeditions, then use your vehicle to explore the surroundings. Several regions rich in treasures but also in dangerous monsters can be visited in each chapter of the game: an abandoned farm, a dark forest, a ghost village and many others. Meet other acolytes and recruit them on your team, evolve your heroes and improve their skills so that they become stronger and specialize their own domain. Kumu's Adventure offers you a long journey dotted with many dangerous and surprising encounters!


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  • Pokemon FireRed
  • Pokemon Sapphire
  • Pokemon Ruby
  • Pokemon Light Platinum
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