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Neon Rhythm
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Neon Rhythm

Author : Figburn & Spasco  -   64 180 plays

In the game Neon Rhytm you will have to battle in music against the robots which block the passage of the factory to your Cyborg hero. Each of the 4 robots that you will meet will give you a musical challenge (accompanied by a few provocative words) that you will have to try to accomplish thanks to your sense of rhythm and a good coordination of your actions. Energy balls will be sent to you on three different lines depending on the rhythm of the music being played, hit the balls at the right time to score points and make them disappear. If a ball hits you or you miss one you will lose part of your energy bar, when it drops to zero you have lost. Use the rhythm of music tracks and the markers on the ground to hit the notes with the best possible timing. Neon Rhythm offers 4 challenges that will be increasingly difficult to complete!


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