Paradise Island 2

Developer: UAB Game Insight  -   5 078 plays

Welcome to Paradise Island 2, the legendary tropical island that has made so many tourists dream. But recently this magical place has been completely destroyed and an evil shaman threatens the local population. Alongside Naomi, your mission will be to rehabilitate Paradise Iceland by rebuilding buildings and developing economic activity. But Shaman Mao will do anything to stop you and you will need to find other allies while exploring the island. Also discover treasures and unsuspected riches and use them to beautify the village and delight tourists. You can organize special events to entertain visitors and arrange the island as you see fit by constructing dozens of buildings. Paradise Island 2 is a complete management and simulation game that will allow you to play and improve your village for dozens of hours.


  • Worlds Builder : Farm & Craft
  • Idle Noob Lumberjack
  • GrindCraft Remastered
  • Ant Art Tycoon
  • The Bonfire Forsaken Lands
  • Grow Island
  • GrindCraft
  • Healing Rush
  • Tap Tap Builder
  • Building Rush
  • Raft Life
  • Habbo Clicker
  • Businessman Simulator
  • Hero Simulator
  • Babel Tower
  • Builder Idle Arcade
  • Soccer Simulator
  • Blacksmith Lab
  • Building Rush 2
  • Grow Valley
  • Tiny Landlord
  • Crazy Tycoon
  • Dream Restaurant
  • Operation Ouch! Clonewards
  • Healing Driver
  • Idle Arks: Sail and Build 2
  • House Flip
  • Idle Arks: Sail and Build
  • Doge Miner 2: Back 2 The Moon
  • Adventure Capitalist