Ski King
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Ski King

Author : Inlogic Software   -   24 136 plays

Strap on your skis and hit the snowy slopes at full speed in Ski King! The majestic mountains have dozens of slalom events for you, try to complete them with the best possible time. Start your turns at the right time, you will have to pass to the right of the blue doors and to the left of the red doors, your skier will be able to touch the doors to validate them and maintain maximum speed. The descents will be difficult and it will often take several tries to cross the finish line. Try to memorize each course to avoid certain dangers and have the best trajectories to go as fast as possible. Ski King offers 50 events over 5 different mountains that you will need to unlock. As the slaloms are completed you will be able to improve your skier's skills, speed, stability and curve for turns.


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