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Ski King 2022

Author : Inlogic Software   -   33 645 plays

In the game Ski King 2022 you will be able to hurtle down the most dizzying snowy slopes through 30 levels on three different mountains. Ski as fast as possible to reach the finish line with the best time. But be careful, you will have to avoid all the obstacles, bumps of snow, gravel and ice, they will slow you down and waste your precious time. The avalanche chasing you won't slow down! Ski as fast as possible so it doesn't catch up with you and use your boost when available. Collect coins to buy different upgrades; Carver (increases cornering speed), Boost (reduces recovery time from speed boosts), and Stability (reduces negative effects from obstacles). The levels will be more and more difficult and technical, you will have to show all your skiing skills to finish them all with the best time.


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