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Super Crazy Guitar Deluxe 3
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Super Crazy Guitar Deluxe 3

Author : NotDoppler   -   15 157 plays

Super Crazy Guitar Deluxe draws on the principle of the console game Guitar Hero – press the keys on your keyboard at the same rhythm as the music to play. Follow the song and stay as in tune as possible to get the best score. The game has 14 new songs and 10 guitars, 8 of which need to be unlocked.


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  • The Tricky Mod
  • Maginage Matches
  • Salty's Sunday Night
  • Vs. Garcello
  • The Date Week
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  • Vs. Nonsense
  • Vs. Whitty
  • Friday Night Funkin' HD
  • Vs. Flippy
  • Vs. AGOTI
  • Vs. Shaggy
  • Vs. Bob Week
  • Vs. Impostor
  • Vs. Sunday Remastered
  • Vs. Tabi Ex Boyfriend
  • Vs. Matt
  • Vs. Neon
  • Vs. Kapi
  • Vs. Bob and Bosip
  • Vs. Sky
  • Vs. QT
  • Vs. Hatsune Miku
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