What is the history of Ubisoft studios?

It was in the 1980s that the 5 Guillemot brothers, wishing to diversify the activities of the family agricultural business, began to take an interest in an innovative field that is video games. In 1986, Ubisoft was founded in Carentoir, France. Initially specializing in the distribution of games from major American publishers (Electronic Arts, Lucas Arts), Ubisoft began to develop its own titles, notably with their first original creation, the game Zombie. This commercial success will allow the company to grow and subsequently open several development studios which will produce some of the most famous and most played games and licenses in the world.

What are Ubisoft games and licenses?

Ubisoft has created dozens of games and licenses that have become cult and have marked generations of players. It was in 1995 that the first star hero was born with the publication of the platform game Rayman. It's a phenomenal success that will propel the studio and allow it to create more ambitious games! In 1996 Ubisoft also released the first game of the Elder Scrolls series, Daggerfal. 1998 will be a landmark year for the studio with the release of two new licenses, The Settlers and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six. Ubisoft will thus constantly innovate and always offer more novelties. Licenses such as Just Dance, Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, Watch Dogs, Anno or Trackmania are known by players around the world!

What are the best free Ubisoft games?

  1. Ubisoft All Star Blast!
  2. Brawlhalla Grand Slam
  3. Assassin's Creed FreeRunners
  4. Rayman's Incrediballs Dodge
  5. Hungry Shark Arena