Rayman's Incrediballs Dodge

Developer: Ubisoft Nano   -   36 693 plays

Rayman's Incrediballs Dodge is a multiplayer arcade game in which you'll have to be the last player standing in the arena by dodging the many deadly objects and traps that will come crashing down on you. It's the anarchy in the jungle and the Incrediballs will engage in ruthless clashes to try to survive the chaos. Be careful not to step on the evil roots which will immobilize you momentarily, dodge the various bombardments so as not to lose your life (you have three lives in all) and be absolutely sure to stay within the limits of the arena when it begins to shrink! Bonuses will be very useful during games, boxing gloves will allow you to push your opponents and shields will give you temporary protection. Also try to collect as many "Lums" as possible, this is the in-game currency that will allow you to unlock many new avatars in the store. In Rayman's Incrediballs Dodge you will also be able to track your performance online and the best players will appear in the general, weekly and daily leaderboards.


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