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Hungry Shark Arena

Developer: Ubisoft Nano   -   138 303 plays

Eat to survive and not to get eaten up yourself in Hungry Shark Arena, a multiplayer online aquatic battle royale game. Take on the role of a shark who will have to survive in the tumultuous waters of a vast ocean and hunt prey to feed you and increase your size. At the start of the game your shark will be small and will only be able to attack smaller prey such as fish, but the larger you grow the more you will be able to hunt large prey. You can then devour divers and other large fish, but especially other players by charging and shred them with a blow of your powerful jaw. The game is a battle royale, so the objective will be to survive to be the last shark alive. Be careful, the playing area will be reduced during the game and poison will invade the ocean, which will force the players to fight in order to win.
Each game will earn you gold which can be used to unlock other sharks with different characteristics.


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