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Worm Hunt

Author : Wild Spike  -   6 411 plays

Worm Hunt is a multiplayer arcade game that uses the basics of the famous Snake game but in a modern version. Collect as much food as you can to grow your worm and score points to earn places in the overall leaderboard of your game. Worm Hunt offers 4 different game modes. In the "Chrono" mode you will have to try to beat the other players in score before the time runs out. With the "Endless" mode there is no time limit, try to reach the maximum size with your worm to earn points. With the "Fever of Gems" it will be necessary to collect a maximum of gem during the time of the game which lasts 10 minutes. The 4th game mode is a seasonal event that will change regularly. In the worm farm you can unlock many skins and cosmetic items for your avatars. Challenges and daily and seasonal challenges can be completed in order to obtain rewards and experience.


  • snoki


    When you hit worm's head and YOU die instead of him/her = *TRIGGERED* bloody bloody bloody

    22 hours ago -

  • snoki


    Wonderfull game

    3 days ago -

  • snoki


    mad easy

    4 days ago -

  • snoki



    1 week ago -

  • snoki



    1 week ago -

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