Move     Jump    :up+up:  Double Jump    x  Shoot
ad  Move    w  Jump    w+w  Double Jump    j  Shoot

Ringo Starfish

Author : Magnificstudios   -   17 340 plays

While sailing in the deep waters on his ship Ringo Starfish discovered a mysterious island which he intends to explore in search of possible treasures. Help our adventurer to find his way and to face the many dangers that this unknown place presents. Jump on your enemies or shoot to eliminate them from a distance when possible. As soon as an enemy or a trap hits you you will lose a heart, you have three in all, be careful not to lose them all. Ringo Starfish will have to use all his adventurer's skills to collect the crystals scattered throughout the territory. The 25 levels of the game will take you around many places and you will have to swim, jump, use your temporary invisibility and all your firepower to explore the most dangerous meanders of this intriguing island!


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