Super Mario Star Scramble 3
Super Mario Star Scramble 3
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Super Mario Star Scramble 3 is a Flash game emulated with Ruffle. This emulator is still under development and you might occasionally encounter some bugs in the game. Bugs should be fixed over time depending on the progress of the application development.
- Main bugs: Game loading not visible / Music or sounds may be missing
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Super Mario Star Scramble 3

Author : Supermario  -   176 466 plays

Princess Peach has been captured again in Super Mario Star Scramble 3 and it’s down to you to risk your life and save her! Run, jump and eliminate your enemies across the game’s 12 wacky levels, and keep a cool head to avoid the many traps you come across. This game is a faithful adaptation on the saga, which has all of the ingredients that made the Mario Bros series such a success on consoles.


  • snoki


    noice happy

    3 days ago -

  • snoki


    good game im a big fan of mario

    1 month ago -

  • snoki


    how do i get keys?

    2 months ago -

  • snoki


    This is good happy

    3 months ago -

  • snoki


    This was a surprising game. smile

    4 months ago -

  • snoki


    This is a very faithful and fun Mario Fangame, nice job to the people at!

    5 months ago -

  • snoki


    This game is sick, needs more items from mario tho

    6 months ago -

  • snoki


    this game is eazy as pie cool smile

    7 months ago -

  • snoki


    Imagine me Mario then I’ll smack Luigi

    9 months ago -

  • snoki


    Dang that game so good

    11 months ago -

  • snoki


    Imagine playing as luigi in this mode, if it was like almost all other mario games, luigi would be so hard to control if he was playable lol, this is a good game tho, just thought I could throw a fact out there

    1 year ago -

  • snoki


    finished the game

    1 year ago -

  • snoki


    cool and the 2 is noob

    1 year ago -

  • snoki


    best but hardest mario game ever and i just finished it, im so happy, plus i unlocked the secret level.

    1 year ago -

  • snoki


    just by the thumbnail this looks super good wink

    1 year ago -

  • snoki


    bloody sure bloody FACk tHIs ShiT IM OUT

    1 year ago -

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