Agent P: Rebel Spy
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Agent P: Rebel Spy

Developer: Disney   -   10 670 plays

In the platform game Agent P: Rebel Spy you will have to help Perry the Platypus, one of the heroes of Phineas and Ferb, to accomplish an important mission to support the rebel cause. The empire has built a gigantic space base called the Death Star (any resemblance to existing story and characters is coincidental), you must infiltrate the base to find the other agents who have been taken prisoner. Fight the evil troops of the empire by stealing their weapons, dodge the shots to stay alive and thwart the many traps that will be set for you. When you are not carrying a weapon you can perform double jumps and cling to walls to climb more easily. Try to collect as many emblems as possible and find the hidden pizza slices to fully complete each of the three long levels.


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