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Super Mario Crossover 3
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Super Mario Crossover 3

Author : Exploding Rabbit  -   227 601 plays

Lose yourself in the world of the very first Super Mario Bros that came out on consoles in 1985 all over again, thanks to this faithful remake! Play with Nintendo’s emblematic characters, such as Mario, Megaman, Link (Zelda), Samus (Metroid), Simon Belmont (Castelvania) and Bill Rizer (Contra). Each character has their own attacks and moves, and the game keeps the original soundtrack too. As a bonus, change the "skin" by choosing the graphic style that corresponds to your favorite games, such as Zelda, Castelvania or even Super Mario World.


  • snoki


    Fun game and a throwback to the 1990's! Well, kinda 'cause if you just stick to Mario or Luigi.. Other than that It's a pretty Darn good game! Not gonna lie, I've played with every single character and beaten the game without saving! Heck, I've done a speedrun like 91 times with Mario! That proves how easy it can be.. Well, for me!

    4 months ago -

  • snoki


    i complet the game withe link and bill wink wink

    6 months ago -

  • snoki



    7 months ago -

  • snoki



    7 months ago -

  • snoki


    ah ineed the official mario

    9 months ago -

  • snoki



    1 year ago -

  • snoki



    1 year ago -

  • snoki



    2 years ago -

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