Enola Prelude

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Enola Prelude  Author : ArmorGames  -   31 497 plays

The hero of Enola Prelude has always lived in the city of Dorn, protected from creatures that roamed around by high stone walls. His father was a brave warrior, devoted to the protection of the city. But one day he perished in trying to kill the most terrifying creature of the entire region, his diary contained an account of his adventures, his fights and also detailed the many spells he had learned. At 18, tired of this too peaceful life, your hero decides to leave the city of Dorn to try avenge his father. A long journey awaits you in this RPG, for getting to the lair of the most powerful creature in the kingdom you will face many monsters in turn-based battles, toughen you in combat and learn new skills.

RPG Turn Based Fantasy