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Golden Sun 2 : The Lost Age

Author : Camelot Software  -   52 191 plays

The role playing game Golden Sun: The Lost Age, released in 2003 on Game Boy Advance, is the following of the first episode. A new adventure in the magical and enchanted world of Golden Sun is awaiting you and our three heroes Lina, Cylia and Piers will work hard to get of the 72 Djinns. The three adventurers should be prepared for a long journey, on land or at sea, the game world is huge and there are lot of secrets to discover and dangers to defy. Longer and less linear than the first episode, Golden Sun: The Lost Age will provide a unique gaming experience for all RPGs fans.


  • snoki


    soooooooooooooooooooooo cool

    4 months ago -

  • snoki


    you guys should play the 1st game if you havent

    4 months ago -

  • snoki


    it talks to much. sad

    5 months ago -

  • snoki



    1 year ago -

  • snoki


    im about to play thid lets see is it good

    1 year ago -

  • snoki


    Awsome game

    2 years ago -

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