Mother 3

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Mother 3
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Mother 3Author : Nintendo -  50,520 plays  

In April 2006 an event game was released on GameBoy Advance after 12 years of waiting, the RPG Mother 3. This sequel of Earthbound (which can also be called Earthbound 2) carry our heroes on a crazy adventure composed of 8 grandiose chapters. The protagonists take part in a scenario rich, complex and fascinating and in which the specific humor of the series will be omnipresent. Exploration, discovery of the world and fight will be the daily lot of the different characters. They each have their own specialty and the fights will be based on a system of musical rhythm. Confusing at first but enjoyable to master when we managed to chain combos. If you're a fan of retro games, the epic adventure of Mother 3 will entertain you during not less than 30 hours!

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