Super House of The Dead Ninjas

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 Move     Double Jump    zx  Attack    c  Bomb     Skill
Super House of The Dead Ninjas  Author : AdultSwim  -   82 253 plays

Play as a ninja, whose mission is to get down the 350 floors of a tower full of monsters and traps unscathed. Super House of the Dead Ninjas is a blast from the past, paying homage to the era of 16-bit consoles. You’ll need to have your wits about you all the time to conquer its demanding levels and quick pace and come out alive. Access dozens of weapons, upgrades and objects to change how you play. In normal mode you have 3 lives, but, pick ‘hard’ mode and there’s no room for mistakes at all, making it a real challenge!

Plateform Ninja Gore Skill Pixel art