Shadow of the Orient
Shadow of the Orient
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The game is also playable with a controller.

Shadow of the Orient

Developer: Spacelab Games  -   8 020 plays

Shadow of the Orient is an action platform game in which you will have to fight evil samurai who are spreading chaos throughout the Orient. Your character, Xialong, is an ancient hero who has already fought the forces of evil in the past, but the mission that awaits him today is much more dangerous! Equipped with your legendary sword you will be able to face the most formidable enemies and thanks to your unrivaled agility no obstacles, no traps and no platforms will be insurmountable. However, you will have to exercise great caution because the opponents you will encounter will be formidable. Study your environment and each of your enemies carefully if you want to survive! With Shadow of the Orient's adventure mode you will take part in a thrilling epic in which you will encounter incredible adversaries and powerful and dangerous bosses. The numerous magic items, original skills and weapon combo system will make you more powerful as you progress in the adventure. The challenge mode is based on 5 mini-games, enough to vary the gameplay of the game and prolong the pleasure.

If you liked the demo you can continue the adventure by downloading the full game.
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