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Acid Bunny 2
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Acid Bunny 2

Author : SoGood   -   14 686 plays

Once upon a time, there lived a little rabbit called Acid Bunny. He had a rather difficult childhood and suffered from feverish flashbacks that drove him to commit the most awful horrors imaginable. But Acid Bunny managed to overcome his traumas by making lots of friends and living life to the full, until the day when a new tragedy occurred and he accidentally killed his best friend the bear. And so the lunacy began all over again! Discover the game’s completely nutty world by helping Acid Bunny resolve his problems…or not. Player discretion is advised.


  • snoki


    Bunny: ALright all done lets do it!! Everywon: Uhh you havent got some stuff yet... Bunny: ... FUCK!

    2 years ago -

  • snoki


    muuuuito legal

    2 years ago -

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