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Metal Black Wars

Author : Hihoy   -   7 225 plays

Are you ready to resist the onslaught of enemy forces that have invaded your city? In Metal Black Wars your hero will make an impressive entrance in a helicopter, armed to the teeth and ready to fight. Let the firepower of the metal man speak and annihilate all enemy forces! Buy upgrades and assign points in a talent tree to specialize your hero. All missions have three levels of difficulty, to access the next difficulty you will have to complete the mission one time. The higher the difficulty, the better the rewards! You will be able to obtain or buy boosters or grenades to help you in the most dangerous missions. Metal Black Wars features a three-act campaign set in different environments. Explore the desert, fight your way through the jungle and destroy a secret mutant laboratory. The enemies you will face will be strong and you will have to defeat many bosses to complete your mission.


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