Stickman Fighter: Epic Battles 2

Author : Playtouch   -   72 966 plays

The battles against hordes of fierce enemies continue in Stickman Fighter: Epic Battles 2! Even more devastating weapons will be offered to you to overcome waves of belligerent stickman. Hit with the right timing to take out your enemies in one shot and don't get overwhelmed by the waves of opponents that will rush over you relentlessly. The weapons all have different characteristics and a specific gameplay, you will have to adapt your play style according to the range and the power of each weapon. Sometimes you will have to fight stickman more powerful than the others, or even bosses, and for that you will have to achieve a devastating sequence of hits with the right timing. Will you be able to complete the dozens of levels of Stickman Fighter: Epic Battles 2 and win all the golden trophy?


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